La Bella Skin by Katrina LLC

Acne Specialists

Acne Specialists dedicated to the clearing of your skin, no matter what you have tried in your past. Have you tried prescriptions, essential oils, Over-the-Counter products, or even Accutane, and are still breaking out? We are certified to help!

about our acne treatments

As a licensed Aesthetician and Acne Specialist I am here to partner with you and to find the right products that will work best for YOUR specific skin issues to get your clear. We will give you a customized home care plan that offers amazing results that go hand in hand with our in-spa skin care treatments. We are here to work with you on this. You are not alone and we are here to support you as you work to get your skin clear. 

Where do you start? To read more about how to get started go to our page: How Our Acne Program Works. We offer a comprehensive program and lots of information for you to read so you are informed of how we work. Our acne specialists have been doing this for years and our clients get clear and stay clear when they follow our program. Our owner & Chief Beauty Officer Liz, has had acne since she was a teenager. She's got clear skin now because she learned the different types of acne and what worked for her didn't work for the next person. We offer full customization based on your medical history, type of acne and lifestyle choices.