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+Chemical Exfoliation Treatments

Our philosophy at La Bella Skin by Katrina is chemical peels should not cause damage to the living dermis layer of the skin. Our peels are gentle, yet highly effective and achieve great results with acne scars, melasma, and sun spots. Every peel is fully customized to treat your specific skin type and concern. We highly recommend that when starting a peel series to get on a home care routine that will work well with your peels to achieve the results you are looking for.

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what to expect

We highly recommend that when starting a peel series to get on a home care routine that will work well with your peels to achieve the results you are looking for. When your skin is properly prepared, results will be better achieved and will also protect your skin from unnecessary side effects (like increased pigmentation). Please consult our Aesthetician for the proper products.  More than one area that is treated is 50% of the highest price, ie. If you are wanting your face, neck, chest and arms treated.  Face is full price each additional area is 50% of the face price.

After analyzing your skin condition, we will customize your peel to suit your needs. The following peels below are a guideline. Strength and the amount of layering we do will affect the time of the peel is left on and the results we are striving to achieve for you.

La Bella Skin by Katrina proudly offers Corrective Peels from GlyMed. This brand, used and recommended by dermatologists and uses a gentle, progressive, low-dose approach for dramatic results with less side effects.


+ Corrective Chemical Exfoliation

Our gentle and innovative, blended formulations effectively exfoliate while brightening and inhibiting pigment production. They help to repair and reduce breakout, control oil and soften lines to provide even and smooth skin texture. Each one of our peels is unique and we offer a variety for all your skin care concerns. We may move you from one peel to another depending on what is going on in your skin. We recommend peels for acne about every 2 weeks and for pigmentation, scaring and age management every 2-4 weeks.

Prices Varies | 30 minutes 

+ Chemical Retinol Exfoliation

Our level 3 Retinol chemical exfoliation takes the skin to a whole new level. This peel smooths, brightens and evens out the skin tone through increase cell turnover. The best part of this peel is that you won't feel anything while receiving it. In fact, if you do feel anything it might be a slight cooling sensation. We can customize this peel to multiple levels. If you have very resistant skin or have had a lot of skin treatments recently, this is the peel for you. We can add active serums and peel boosters for even greater results.

Prices Varies  | 30 minutes

+ Acne Peels

Chemical peels are wonderful for rejuvenating the skin. Chemical peels can also aid in acne scar removal and evening out acne scars. They might cause some actual peeling of the skin, leaving brand new, beautiful, glowing skin. Chemical peels should be performed about every 2-3 weeks with better results achieved with each consecutive peel. 

Frequency Recommendations

In order to make changes in the skin, it takes more than one treatment. After one, you’ll see great results but if you are looking for big changes it takes multiple treatments. From our years of experience, we see the greatest changes stretched over a 3 month period of time. We only work with the epidermis and it’s difficult to completely change it with a one time treatment of a medium depth peel. Our peels are gentle and progressive. After 3-5 treatments spread over a 3 month period of time, amazing results will occur with no downtime (other than some light peeling). Below are some guidelines for different skin conditions that we work with. 

  • For acne and breakouts you should come in for a chemical peel every two weeks for 6 weeks for best results ( 3 treatments). After 6 weeks we can switch to maintenance protocol. If you are receiving peels for acne, you should also be on an acne clearing routine with us. Peels alone won’t keep your skin clear, but can greatly increase and speed up the clearing of your skin.
  • For hyper-pigmentation & anti-aging you should come in for a chemical peel every 3-4 weeks for 9-12 weeks for best results (3-4 treatments). After about 3 months we can switch you to maintenance protocol (usually consists of monthly facials or a peel a few times a year)
  • For rosacea & maintenance it is recommended to come in every 4-6 weeks. We offer a special peel that keeps the skin under control. We also recommend calming home care products.

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