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Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical procedure that targets the surface of the skin for a gentle abrasion (no discomfort or redness at all) that reveals newer, healthier, younger looking skin. La Bella Skin strongly suggests that when you start doing microdermabrasion, that you initially book a series of 6. This will insure the best results and then you can book single treatments for a quick tune-up. If you are looking for an extra boost, Vanilla Sugar offers microdermabrasion with a corrective peel. This has minimal downtime but maximum results. Instant Glow.

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Microdermabrasion Benefits

Congested skin and black heads

Exfoliation issues

Fine lines and wrinkles

Excess pigmentation (often paired with a peel treatment)

Scars and uneven skin texture (this requires multiple treatments)

Loss of collagen

Large pores


+ Microdermabrasion Facial

Smooth, refine and refresh with a microdermabrasion facial. If your skin feels dull and congested, if you suffer from pigment challenges, sun damage, superficial scars, or if you are looking for healthy glowing skin this is the treatment for you! This service may include , extractions or treatment mask. This facial is customizable to achieve the results you are looking for. Get a pampering facial with the amazing results of a microdermabrasion treatment. If you need corrective work, multiple services may be required.

$130 | 60 minutes 

+ Microglow Facial

This express facial treatment is also one of our most requested services. We clean cleanse the face with LED & ultrasonic technology so your skin responds better to the treatment. You'll have a microdermabrasion treatment that removes up to 5 layers of dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth for weeks. We finish this express facial with nano technology infused serums and an amazing Vitamin C treatment that will brighten and heal your skin. This treatment offers a very deep exfoliating treatment that’s treats fine lines, pigmentation, scaring and balances out dry or oily skin issues.

$150 | 90 minutes 

+ La Bella Microlift Facial

This exclusive is the one when you want it all. We will cleanse & exfoliate the skin using advanced enzymes & microdermabrasion techniques, give you a full lifting treatment with the best microcurrent machine on the market and the service is completed with a nano-infusion which will bring life back to your skin with it's skin plumping effect. This treatment delivers remarkable results. Immediate, zero down time and beautiful skin.

$250 | 90 minutes

+ Add on's

Chemical Peel - One of our most popular add-on's to a microdermabrasion is a peel treatment. We don't offer this for first time appointments, but rather a recommendation after you've seen us and we know what your skin can handle. When adding a peel onto any of our facial treatments, it's only $65. Trust us when we say, that you can't beat that price.


***Please read our cancellation policy before booking your appointment.